Gaia pulses

We ‘wake up’ the seeds by   soaking them in filtered water overnight.

When seeds are formed, most plants store a food reserve with the seed, such as starchproteins and oils. This food reserve provides nourishment to the growing embryo. When the seed gets soaked in water, hydrolytic enzymes are activated which break down these stored food resources into metabolically useful chemicals. By this process not only we benefit from the increased nutrients that the seeds produce for germination but we facilitate their digestion. 

In our ingredients you will also find love...


Absolutely No artificial ingredient, Preservative, or GMO is used within our foods.

Extra Virgin Cold extracted Greek Olive Oil is added at the end of the cooking process to maintain all it’s antioxidant benefits.

Our pure ingredients’ combinations are created to enhance optimum intake of nutrients. For example, we add fresh lemon juice to the Yellow Lentil to help our body absorb the Iron while we benefit from its antioxidant benefits and the vitamin C that it contains.



Gaia philosophy

We respect  the humans, the animals, the plants and the Earth.

This is also our message to the world. Therefore we offer food of excellent quality prepared in the most ethical, seasonal and sustainable way possible.   

All our dishes start from a vegan basis and for whoever wants some artisanal meat or cheese can be added as a topping. We source our meat and cheese from Downland Pigs which is a Free Range Farm in Essex , locally grown vegetables and the rest of our Ingredients which cannot be found in the UKfrom small producers in Greece.

We use only biodegradable and fully compostable packaging and glass jars which if you return them you get a discount off your next purchase.