How it works.

With our main subscription, you get a snazzy 1 litre thermos filled with one of our deliciously homemade stews (3 full portions), delivered with a cargo bicycle to your chosen address each Thursday between 11am to 2pm. This costs £9.99 including the delivery.

If you want to complete your gut-spa experience, you can add our homemade organic kimchi, an organic bread loaf and a bottle of kombucha.

You pay a £20 one-off deposit for the reusable containers and you are all set!  

The following Thursday, we will deliver another flavour from our delicious stews along with the extra products you have selected and we will pick up the tote bag with all the containers from last week. (please be so kind to give them a wash)

You can easily pick your favourite dish, skip, pause or cancel the service at any point.

We have teamed up with DOH for the best organic bread in Hackney

and with Kompassion for our favourite local kombucha

All local organisations  

All ethical products in reusable containers  

  if you find that this is not for you and you return the containers within a week, you will get a full refund of the deposit.

Zero risk